Sunday, 26 January 2014

The World We Live In

Somethings are just too horrible to imagine.. However, reading the news or watching T.V brings back the harsh and shocking realisation there is true evil in this world.

This week I have seen and read articles about Mothers harming their children and cannot for the fucking life of me understand why. Why the fuck have a child if your not prepared to lovethem  unconditionally and protect them, put their needs and their lives above your own until the day you die... They are not a disposable item to be discarded or treated with anything less than true love.

It breaks my heart each and every time.

I wouldn't usually blog or comment on anything like this, but it really makes you think.. Does making music really matter. In the bigger scheme of things. It does fuel my already well documented hatred for almost everything, creates a rage in the pit of my stomach so you could argue it helps me in what I do.

It also makes me think maybe its not worth creating something beautiful for a world that doesnt deserve any.

Thats enough for this week. Sorry its not as up and positive as other weeks. Maybe next week the world will surprise me.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cancelled Dates...

Sometimes, things just get cancelled.... but very rarely do 2 separate dates get cancelled on the same day :(..

The Reading show in February and the London show in March have both been cancelled, The first due to a promoter offering us the show, then cancelling but not telling us until we pursued them about tickets. Nice one!!.
The latter because we were too late in confirming the slot, which is fine and understandable. We dont expect promoters or other bands to hold fire waiting for us.

Soooo it means we have a few months with zero shows in. Instead we will keep on rehearsing the live and low-fi shows and working on new tunes.. I have a few, Lee has a few so at least 4 new/work in progress songs and cant wait to bang them out.

I really wanna get us on a small mini festival. I wonder how bands like us go about doing it ??

We have a few options for Artwork for the EP, some very good pieces and some waiting to come in. As soon as we decide we will get them up and you guys can have a look. 

We are also getting on the Merch band wagon with Lee doing all the ins and outs so pretty soon at our live shows you can buy some T's from us... YAAAAAY :) 

Pretty much we are bust as fuck. Gigs, Rehearsals, EP's, Merch and possible Recording of the next Ep installment in the next few months. One track we can say we will record is 'Stories (Always)' , we might do the new version of 'Stitches & Burns' too but if we get some new banging tracks then they could be in there... we will see. (dont forget to have a look at them on YOUTUBE by searching KURBd)

In other news.... UKIP are still a bunch of cunts!! Who would of guessed it...

Hope to see some of you soon, lets have a beer.

RK :) 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

What A Week.....

Soooooo. We all met up to discuss the next 12 months in team K and work out what it is we want from the E.P.

We had thought about trying to get a label to get it on the various sites that all bands feel the need to get their material on, or doing a self release on CD Baby or ReverbNation or a site like that but then we had a realisation.... When you get to the point which we have, where we know the in's and out's of small labels and such, that 79p per track don't mean a fucking thing.

If we were all doing this for the money we would have given up years ago. We aint here for a quick buck. We are doing what we want to , in our own way, with the hope that you guys appreciate it and love it as much as we do and then you come to see a live show and support the scene and keep live music venues alive, and while your at it discover something new. Theres a reason why support bands are on the bill too ya know !!.

Sooooooo. What we are going to do is.......... We cant say yet. What we can say is it will be announced when we takeover Castledown Radio on February 1st when we get to choose the set and play some of our favourite songs on the airwaves.. :)  sweeeeet :) ..

Anywho, more shows are being lined up as we speak. We've confirmed Feb in Reading, March in London (Somewhere) and April in Salisbury at the Music Box. Since the closure of our home venue The George Venues, Andover there is know where for us to play so we are making this our unofficial home venue for the time being.

We are calling it a 4 way headliner because every band on the bill are sooo freakin good it would be blasphemous to have it any other way. Bands are: Us, Firestate, Echotape and the stunning Anna Neale making it a Alternative / Metal-Rock / Indie-Vibe / Acoustic night. Saturday 26th April and its FREE ENTRY :) Yaaaaaaaaay.!

More details and general bollocks over at @kurbdmusic on Twitter or on our Facebook group.

Have a good week guys, see you later.

Richie (& Lee & Dave)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

1st Review of 2014 - Unsigned Band Of The Week by Gigslutz.Co.Uk

Unsigned Act Of The Week 03.01.14: KURBd Mari Lane 3 January, 2014 Gigslutz Unsigned, News, Reviews, Interviews 0 Andover lads, KURBd, ooze originality, vigorous energy and a raw, stripped back sound that has me hankering for the charmingly dingy, smoke-filled music venues of my youth. Their three-track EP, ‘The Cause… The Defect’, was recorded for just £180 and is therefore a little rough around the edges; however, this only adds to the band’s appeal as their ‘substance over image’ mentality shines through, and one can focus on the sheer passion and dedicated musicality of each track. Whilst the EP’s opener, ‘Beware The Silence’, evokes memories of the Grunge scene with its thrashing guitars and impassioned vocals, ‘Wreck’ is a gentler offering, sprinkled with delicate melodies and effective harmonies whilst maintaining a dark, vehement aura. My personal highlight, ‘Kerosene’. epitomises the band’s fervent, unpolished sound with its nu metal-esque thrashing guitars, hints of late ‘90s punk rock and that characteristic unrelenting energy and incessant, pulsating beat. Whilst ‘The Cause… The Defect’ leaves you feeling somewhat nostaglic, KURBd’s sound manages to uphold their own unique take on their influences that results in an appealingly fresh, rejuvenated sound that is definitely worth a listen for those young or old, or – infact – anyone in between. ‘The Cause… The Defect’ is available now on the band’s Soundcloud. And watch this space for information regarding the band’s upcoming live dates – sounds like they put on a stomping show!

1st Blog of 2014...

Hi Guys. Well, here we are. The first of our weekly blogs and the first week in January 2014 aaaaaannnd already we have some news.!! We are getting geared up to release the EP on ITunes ( and anywhere else we can get it on )so we can promote the shit out of it at our live shows and get it out to the masses and then start work on the second EP instalment. We already have shows lined up in Newbury, Reading, Salisbury & London, which we have never been to before in this project, as well as a Takeover Radio show for local station Castledown Radio where we will be getting interviews as well as choosing the play list so get tuned in for some pretty varied stuff!!. Rehearsals are proving to be a little award as we used to go to Studio 91 in Newbury but they have started to charge you if you cancel up to 4 days before the booked slot. Not that that's a problem, but just sometimes things happen and we have to cancel but the cancellation fee isn't warranted that far ahead so looking for something a little closer to home. Speaking of home, since the loss of The George Venue last month Andover is without a venue and nowhere for us to play :(. SO our nearest venue is The Music Box in Salisbury Wiltshire, about 25 miles away. Not exactly ideal if you want to enjoy the luxury of a drink but its what we will have to do to keep the shows coming so look out on Facebook, Twitter and here for details about coaches or group convoys we may be able to arrange. In other news.......... Be sure to keep up with @kurbdmusic for our track of the week, this week was Deftones - Knife Party. What will my shitty old Ipod Classic fish us out next week...... who the fuck knows, theirs a lot of random crap on there!. Catch you all next Sunday. Richie, Lee & Dave