Thursday, 2 October 2014

Signed with a Publisher.

We are hugely proud to announce we have signed up to a publishing company and our debut EP , The Cause... The Defect, is available on iTunes and Amazon. 

Check it out ;) 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Will be leaving the blog for a while

Hi guys. 

It's been such a mental few months with the up and coming release if TCTD EP that I just can't guarantee to be able to get on here as much. 

I will still be on Facebook & Twitter but blogging. , unfortunately, will have to sit on the back burner. 

Love you all. 


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Record Labels and Our TCTD EP

It's been around a year since we decided to give away our debut EP on Bandcamp and go against the grain of some of our peers. 

Everyone thinks releasing an album or a single will bring in the big bucks. The truth is, we know different. What we've done is decide the listener comes first and if they want to support our little band then we should give them something back. Hence, being a freebee giveaway. 

As we are in the process of decidin what tracks are to comprise the next EP we have come up with an ingenious way of gettin our music out to the masses..

We have a proposition to any labels out here willin to take us up on it. We will sign over 100% of the royalties to any label that releases our first EP on a digital worldwide release ( or on any medium to be fair) with the option to release the second EP when it's recorded. 

OK... I can see some of you scratching your heads as why would we just give away our songs to a label that have no doubt many many artists under contract and are making money already. !!!.......... Because , for us, it's not about money. If it was we would have sold our gear years ago. What we want is to know someone somewhere in the world is enjoying our music. That's it. Simple.

We have had a few little bites of intrigue so far and it's only day 1. Keep up to date with all the I goings over at @kurbdmusic too. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Back On It

Hi you lot. How's tricks???

Sorry it's been a while since I've written anything on here but it's been manic with the birth of my second child and everything that's gone with it but we are back in the fold and back to rehearsing. 

Last week we got together and went through the set front to back and worked specifically on the newest song current title "86/88" , we might change it but who knows.  I love the route this song has taken us, it's currently the last song in our set so make sure you get to the next gig .......... Speaking of which.....

Next gig is still set to be at The Railway in Winchester on Aug 23rd, we are on pretty early so get there rapid like .

Keep an eye out for more details on twitter :)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Next Gig Announcement : 23rd August 2014 @ The Railway,Winchester

Our friends in These Days Arcane have asked us to be one of the support bands at their upcoming show at The Railway in Winchester (@railwaylive) on August 23rd, which will be out first gig since Salisbury Live waaaaaaayyy back when. 

£5 adv tickets doors at 7pm - let's hope they open the back bar this time and put some promo up. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

New Review by Gigglepics

This has made our week. 

After the gutting decision to not play Gigglefest because of "Baby Stuff" after making the list of bands chosen, we are super happy with this fuckin ace review ;) enjoy ......

KURBd – The Cause…The Defect – EP Review

Tom Coombs

Richie  on Guitar / Vocals,  Lee on Bass / Vocals and Dave  on Drums / Vocals are what make up Hampshire three piece alternative band ‘KURBd’, and they have their three track EP ‘The Cause…The Defect’ out now.

This is a full on alternative/grunge EP, and really has the grunge sounds that were big in the 90’s and are making a comeback.  The trade mark whine in the vocals (Kurt Cobainesque), heavy but lethargic distorted guitars and a true stripped back sound is what makes this a great sounding grunge EP.

It all kicks off with ‘Beware the Silence’, which starts with a very dark sounding riff, the simple drum beat kicks in and the vocals move in just after.  The vocals are more spoken at the beginning and have a tinny effect to them (on purpose, this wasn’t me knocking it).  The track does pick up after what I can only describe as the prologue, and the vocals are more in with the rest of the sound.  The drums are heavier and the guitars are layered in nicely with some heavy chord action.  There is a great little break in the track about three minutes in that is just instrumental and slowly builds the melody before going back to the vocals, which breaks this track up nicely.  The vocals of Richie, Lee and Dave harmonise really nicely near the end of the track and really show the true voice talent from the guys. This track really reminds me of Dinosaur Pile Up and bands of the same ilk.

Second track on the EP is ‘Wreck’, which starts with a nice little melody on the guitar, and slows the beat down which gives this a much more melodic and darker feel.  It is the heartfelt ballad from a Grunge perspective, but it does build up a bit, but is a slower song across the five minute track.  It does show off the vocal talents of the band, and really gives you an all round tight sound from the three members.  Some great guitar work a few minutes in, sounds spectacular and even though a bridge it works nicely with the rest of the track, building it all up before plunging back down all the way to the finish line.

To smash the back end out of the EP, KURBd finish ‘The Cause…The Defect’ with the high energy track ‘Kerosene’.  From the first second you are thrown into a mosh lovers heaven, with heavy guitars, fast beats and a much more energetic feel from beginning to end.  The shortest track on the album this really shows off the diversity of the band.  It still holds that great alt/grunge sound like the other two tracks but this makes you want to move about.  It doesn’t let up for one second and is an outstanding song.

The musicality of ‘KURBd’ is spot on and they are a very tight sounding band, the EP’s production is professional and is available now on Reverbnation (link below).  I think these guys have got a lot more to come, with a sound now creeping back into the spot light, it is good to see that UK bands are leading the way.  The EP will appeal to a lot of true Alt rock fans, and definitely fans of a grungier sound. Go and check their EP it is worth it.

KURBd on Reverbanation – KURBd on Facebook



Monday, 12 May 2014

The Full E.P "The Cause... The Defect" Is On Reverbnation

Yeah. . Like it says above..

Its May Already.....Jebus!!

Sorry about the lame non blogging as of late, things have been so hectic it really makes hit hard just to sit down and get things done.. :(

Last month we played the uber good The Music Box, Salisbury, which was our first headline show ever and our first home away from home gig as we have adopted Salisbury since the closure of Andover's only Venue The George Inn (The George Venue).

It was a great show with an amazing crowd. It was great to see so many familiar faces and it was all that more special that we were being supported by Echotape which seems a little fucked up as these guys are all over the place right now and still took the time to support us. We love you. We should also say we love all our new followers from Salisbury and our previous show in Basingstoke - still a little raw that we cant play in the town in which we live, maybe oneday we will have a venue that will have us.

As you can see from the previous post we have had another fair review of the E.P from Hit The Floor Magazine 3/5 was the score on the door and some very generous words. We have been really lucky that all the great reviewers have seemed to have gotten where we are coming from.

They seem to understand we are not trying to be anything we aint. We don't have anything more than a want to play our music our way and not throw money away on the fashionable pretense that a lot of bands seem to fall into., which is a good thinh yerr??!!??.

We are still looking to record another EP and maybe try and get TCTD and the new one released digitally as a double E.P. Not to sure yet, We still like the fact we have given away all of our music so far for free and hopefully have given listeners a bit of faith that we aint here to make a quick quid and rinse the public. I wont say the word "Fans" as that makes us sound like cocks but....

Next gig is a little Solo Acoustic blitz by Richie on Friday 16th May in Andover for the Enham Trust charity. follow him on Twitter @kurbdmusic or @richietowerton.

Hopefully will be updating this a bit more frequently. See ya later :) K

E.P Review by Hit The Floor Magazine - 3 and a bit / 5.

We are loving Hit The Floor Magazine for this fingerblastingly good review of The Cause... The Defect E.P.... Here It Is!

KURBd‘s way of thinking is that stripping everything down is key to producing no nonsense music that can really strike the person that’s listening to it. So, with the release of their EP The Cause… The Defect, they had the perfect opportunity to showcase just how they felt – and the end result was impressive to say the least.
The production and recording of the free, 3-song EP isn’t top notch obviously, but you have to give the Hampshire based band some merit for the fact that they did it all themselves, with no label and no strings attached to any ‘scenes’. The record kicks off with ‘Beware The Silence‘ which has a fairly haunting introduction, but then transforms in to something that sounds wonderfully nostalgic; a taste of the 90′s with 2014 technology. The vocals and guitar riffs are incredibly Kurt Cobain-esque and have the listener transfixed with the simplicity of it all.
‘Wreck’ is a slightly slower song but still hits the spot with an epic bassline and intriguing lyrics that highlight the band’s strengths with how much impact it creates, while the final track ‘Kerosene’ is the complete opposite; an offering of pure, driving punk rock that will have you headbanging along in no time. This is an EP that sticks, so you may find yourself, days later, with one of the songs stuck in your head even from just one listen.
KURBd may only have a relatively small following at the moment, but with the ability they exhibited throughout this EP it’s clear that they have the potential to go far by continuing to dazzle audiences with their straightforward techniques and tunes. For what it is, The Cause… The Defect is the product of sheer diligence and raw talent that deserves a listen. You can download the EP for free right here.

<img src="">

Monday, 31 March 2014

Gig #9) @ The Sanctuary BASINGSTOKE & Review by Sarcastic Badger. 7/10.

Getting a message on FB at 10.30pm asking if you could do a gig the next day doesn't happen often in our world, but when an old friend we havent seen for best part of a decade asks you to fill the opening slot for a Dutch Punk/Hardcore band out on tour with them as the main support you cant turn that down can ya..

The Sanctuary in Basingstoke is everything we love about a venue. Its dark and gritty with an almost "gig in someones double garage " kinda vibe. As soon as we walked in and saw FIRESTATE their we knew we were going to enjoy it.

Karlos (From Firestate) and I (and Lee) first met when he ran a venue in Hungerford back in the day called The Railway. It was an awesome place to play and was almost a home away from home venue. Annnnnnyyway... Having not seen him forever and only recently getting back in touch it was great to see him and his band finally play live.

The headline band, John Coffey, we setting up when we got there and continued to set up for another 45 minutes before Firestate even got to sound check, then it was our turn. With no monitors I thought the harmonies in some song would be a challenge but the engineer was a true fuckin legend. I think he got the vibe we were after and the sound was awesome... The crowd wasn't that big, obviously we didnt bring anyone as it was too short notice, and the headline and had decided to fuck off somewhere so I let my feeling be known on the subject. I dont know when bands thought it was acceptable to be so up their own arse that they cant even support the bands that are on before them.

We'd never done it. We've always watched every band on the bill when we we're in our old project and bought the engineer a drink to say thanks. Do they do that now?? Do they fuck! They think they've made it because they have 20,000 plays on soundcloud with their over-produced click track album and have a million followers on Facebook and Twitter... which may be right, but at 10.30pm on a Thursday in a venue youve never played in before it just makes you a massive cunt!.

I digress, we played as well as we could and their was a great bloke there called Shaun who was taking pics and reviewing the gig so here is his review of us. He gave us 7 out of 10 and he isn't pulling any punches. It isn't a glowing reference to our musical ability. He gives a fair and honest review and ... well, i will let you read it..

On a dreary Thursday night in Basingstoke, the best thing to do is to grab a beer and watch some live music. Come to think of it… that’s the best way to spend any evening, dreary or otherwise. Nevertheless, when you’re enveloped in a depressing downpour it’s even more enjoyable to find a nice warm venue and have a lovely relaxing beverage! So when presented with the opportunity to see three talented bands at the much revered Sanctuary this past Thursday, there was only one logical option for the alcoh… I mean Sarcastic… Badger.
Due to the frankly shite weather the crowd was almost non-existent, a fact that wasn’t exactly helped by the noticeable absence of headline band John Coffey, who had disappeared to a nearby pub instead of sticking around to watch their support band. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that’s absolutely disgusting behaviour. If you come all the way from the Netherlands to play a show, surely the least you can do is give the earlier bands on the bill the support they deserve by watching their set? Truly baffling and, as you’ve probably guessed, very aggravating.
Let’s move away from that for now and get onto the music shall we? Kicking off proceedings having been a last minute addition to the line-up,KURBd (7/10) made absolutely no apologies for being a straight up, good old fashioned rock band. With their brand of precise and well-delivered if not memorable rock, it’s clear that the trio have been honing their craft over many years to create a very tight live sound. It was above all an enjoyable set, with some hilarious between-song banter creating a rather relaxed atmosphere. It’s just a shame there wasn’t a larger crowd in attendance to enjoy it!
Next up were Newbury rockers Firestate (7), who had to battle with some pretty severe technical problems right from the off. Did they let it faze them though? Of course not! Being the ultimate professionals that they are, the quintet powered through a setlist filled with new material, and despite not sounding as good as they could have due to the aforementioned issues, they left the small crowd in no doubt that they’re building something rather special. Ahead of some exciting shows with States and Empires, it was probably a good thing that the night’s setbacks happened sooner rather than later…
Bringing the night to a close were the disinterested Dutchmen themselves, John Coffey (7). Following their earlier antics it was hard to go in with an open mind, but in terms of the music and performance they were spot-on. Combining heavy-as-fuck riffs with hook filled choruses, the quintet really did put on a great show, and their rating would have been much higher than a 7 had they not exuded the same unfortunate arrogance on stage as they had earlier on in the evening.
All in all though it was a fun night, showcasing the talent lurking around not only the UK rock scene but the Dutch one as well…

Sunday, 2 March 2014

We're back.. Sorry for being so shit on here lately.

Sorry for not blogging much lately. I've had serious problems with my laptop :(.

Been trying to clear my laptop up and downloaded some fuckin thing and its ended up randomly shutting the thing down. ANNNNNYYYYWWWAAAAYYY....

Things have gone a little bit off the boil as of late. We are still rehearsing the set and working on new tracks ready for the Music Box show in Salisbury in April but nothing else gig wise booked in. Would like to get something in Bristol or London, more Bristol to be fair. Ive never been in love with London shows.

Don't get me wrong, in other projects I have played the late great London Astoria 2 (LA2), The Garage Downstairs and Upstairs as well as some small festivals but I always feel its a little bit clicky wanker NME fashionista fuckin hipster sort of thing. I am not a cool person. I don't dress to fit in with a certain scene. I don't care if people don't like me as a person. All that's should matter is the substance of my music. The Songs should be the reason people are at a show not because I have 10,000 friends who will tell me I'm great and come to all my shows but we don't..we still have less than 200 likes on Facebook.

When did music become sooo soooooo mush about image. Leather jackets and shit like that. Basically what the Artic Monkeys look like now. Its too try hard. Too Scene. Yet the fuckin media go bat shit crazy for them. I cant see it. But then again, I don't get a lot about the industry any more so its a good thing im not trying to be liked or noticed by any labels or management.. I couldn't give a fuck if we never get anywhere, as long as someone real somewhere likes our stuff enough to listen to in once that's enough for me.


Daves friend from Brighton was in the midst of doing a vid but wasn't happy with the end product so we are going to do a bit of a low key performance vid so be sure to keep your peepers on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter for news..

Have a good one guys :)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

General Update : Music For The People.

Hi chaps.

This week we have been spreading the word on the E.P give-away as well as pushing it to directors, film-makers, gamer's and pretty much any one that may be able to use it. We figure, to get this out to the masses without selling out and making someone else money who doesn't deserve it on the way.

We have discussed maybe (just maybe) trying to get it on the Apple based music platform by getting our own licence, just for those with iPhones really ( Like Lee & Myself ) as a last resort. We feel bad that its on free download but if you have what is probably the most popular phone in the world you cant get it.. But for now it is staying as it is.

Its a funny world this music malark. We have been offered Artist deals with 3 guitar companies but the trade artist price for the guitars is still more than I would ever pay for a guitar, not because im a skinflint but because I have no frickin money. Both my guitars together cost me less than £300.00 sooooooo theres no way i can stretch to £500 for one. :(

Maybe one day ... we will see.

As it stands the next confirmed show is in April @ The Music Box in Salisbury which is a shame as we'd like to be at it a bit more this year but we are in the midst of writing more songs , hopefully to feature on the next ep which with any luck we will be recording around April / May.

So far the only song of our existing set to make the shortlist is Stories (Always) and a maybe to Stitches & Burns / Slow, we have one song which we are calling 8688 for the meantime and a yet untitled riff section in the pipeline. Rehearsal is Tuesday at the new rehearsal space and we will be running these over and over and hopefully they will be on the set sooooooooon :)

I think thats about it. Oh no wait, we are meeting with a videomaker this week to talk over a video for Kerosene and Dave is on the ball with a friend of his in Brighton who has done a vid for Wreck. Cant wait to see any of these two little beauts and as soon as we do we will get them on YouTube to add to the collection.


Out good friends ECHOTAPE have their newest single WE SHOULD FEEL LIKE WE ARE IN LOVE up for pre-order so get your ass's over there and gove it a going over.

Have a good week guys and gals and I should chat to you next week.



Sunday, 2 February 2014

*UPDATE* We're Giving Our E.P Away @

Its Official... We have done what very few before us have done.

We have decided that we are going to cut through all the bullshit and hairspray that a lot of other bands seem to think "being in a band" is about and do what they should all be doing..... Getting the music out there for you guys to hear!!

Rather than go through the usual download sites that charge to 79p and take half for themselves we have set up our own page on Bandcamp where you can go and download our E.P "The Cause...The Defect" FOR FREE. NOT A PENNY. HERE, TAKE IT!!.

We honestly believe that bands at our level should appreciate and understand that everything we do is for you guys.. the listeners.

Its not about getting famous or getting in magazines like NME or Kerrang every week and charging £45 for a ticket to a show and £20 for an album. Shows should be affordable and music should be available.

So get yourself over to

Special thanks to Kevin Scullion for the use and design of our artwork (

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The World We Live In

Somethings are just too horrible to imagine.. However, reading the news or watching T.V brings back the harsh and shocking realisation there is true evil in this world.

This week I have seen and read articles about Mothers harming their children and cannot for the fucking life of me understand why. Why the fuck have a child if your not prepared to lovethem  unconditionally and protect them, put their needs and their lives above your own until the day you die... They are not a disposable item to be discarded or treated with anything less than true love.

It breaks my heart each and every time.

I wouldn't usually blog or comment on anything like this, but it really makes you think.. Does making music really matter. In the bigger scheme of things. It does fuel my already well documented hatred for almost everything, creates a rage in the pit of my stomach so you could argue it helps me in what I do.

It also makes me think maybe its not worth creating something beautiful for a world that doesnt deserve any.

Thats enough for this week. Sorry its not as up and positive as other weeks. Maybe next week the world will surprise me.

For more follow us @kurbdmusic

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cancelled Dates...

Sometimes, things just get cancelled.... but very rarely do 2 separate dates get cancelled on the same day :(..

The Reading show in February and the London show in March have both been cancelled, The first due to a promoter offering us the show, then cancelling but not telling us until we pursued them about tickets. Nice one!!.
The latter because we were too late in confirming the slot, which is fine and understandable. We dont expect promoters or other bands to hold fire waiting for us.

Soooo it means we have a few months with zero shows in. Instead we will keep on rehearsing the live and low-fi shows and working on new tunes.. I have a few, Lee has a few so at least 4 new/work in progress songs and cant wait to bang them out.

I really wanna get us on a small mini festival. I wonder how bands like us go about doing it ??

We have a few options for Artwork for the EP, some very good pieces and some waiting to come in. As soon as we decide we will get them up and you guys can have a look. 

We are also getting on the Merch band wagon with Lee doing all the ins and outs so pretty soon at our live shows you can buy some T's from us... YAAAAAY :) 

Pretty much we are bust as fuck. Gigs, Rehearsals, EP's, Merch and possible Recording of the next Ep installment in the next few months. One track we can say we will record is 'Stories (Always)' , we might do the new version of 'Stitches & Burns' too but if we get some new banging tracks then they could be in there... we will see. (dont forget to have a look at them on YOUTUBE by searching KURBd)

In other news.... UKIP are still a bunch of cunts!! Who would of guessed it...

Hope to see some of you soon, lets have a beer.

RK :) 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

What A Week.....

Soooooo. We all met up to discuss the next 12 months in team K and work out what it is we want from the E.P.

We had thought about trying to get a label to get it on the various sites that all bands feel the need to get their material on, or doing a self release on CD Baby or ReverbNation or a site like that but then we had a realisation.... When you get to the point which we have, where we know the in's and out's of small labels and such, that 79p per track don't mean a fucking thing.

If we were all doing this for the money we would have given up years ago. We aint here for a quick buck. We are doing what we want to , in our own way, with the hope that you guys appreciate it and love it as much as we do and then you come to see a live show and support the scene and keep live music venues alive, and while your at it discover something new. Theres a reason why support bands are on the bill too ya know !!.

Sooooooo. What we are going to do is.......... We cant say yet. What we can say is it will be announced when we takeover Castledown Radio on February 1st when we get to choose the set and play some of our favourite songs on the airwaves.. :)  sweeeeet :) ..

Anywho, more shows are being lined up as we speak. We've confirmed Feb in Reading, March in London (Somewhere) and April in Salisbury at the Music Box. Since the closure of our home venue The George Venues, Andover there is know where for us to play so we are making this our unofficial home venue for the time being.

We are calling it a 4 way headliner because every band on the bill are sooo freakin good it would be blasphemous to have it any other way. Bands are: Us, Firestate, Echotape and the stunning Anna Neale making it a Alternative / Metal-Rock / Indie-Vibe / Acoustic night. Saturday 26th April and its FREE ENTRY :) Yaaaaaaaaay.!

More details and general bollocks over at @kurbdmusic on Twitter or on our Facebook group.

Have a good week guys, see you later.

Richie (& Lee & Dave)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

1st Review of 2014 - Unsigned Band Of The Week by Gigslutz.Co.Uk

Unsigned Act Of The Week 03.01.14: KURBd Mari Lane 3 January, 2014 Gigslutz Unsigned, News, Reviews, Interviews 0 Andover lads, KURBd, ooze originality, vigorous energy and a raw, stripped back sound that has me hankering for the charmingly dingy, smoke-filled music venues of my youth. Their three-track EP, ‘The Cause… The Defect’, was recorded for just £180 and is therefore a little rough around the edges; however, this only adds to the band’s appeal as their ‘substance over image’ mentality shines through, and one can focus on the sheer passion and dedicated musicality of each track. Whilst the EP’s opener, ‘Beware The Silence’, evokes memories of the Grunge scene with its thrashing guitars and impassioned vocals, ‘Wreck’ is a gentler offering, sprinkled with delicate melodies and effective harmonies whilst maintaining a dark, vehement aura. My personal highlight, ‘Kerosene’. epitomises the band’s fervent, unpolished sound with its nu metal-esque thrashing guitars, hints of late ‘90s punk rock and that characteristic unrelenting energy and incessant, pulsating beat. Whilst ‘The Cause… The Defect’ leaves you feeling somewhat nostaglic, KURBd’s sound manages to uphold their own unique take on their influences that results in an appealingly fresh, rejuvenated sound that is definitely worth a listen for those young or old, or – infact – anyone in between. ‘The Cause… The Defect’ is available now on the band’s Soundcloud. And watch this space for information regarding the band’s upcoming live dates – sounds like they put on a stomping show!

1st Blog of 2014...

Hi Guys. Well, here we are. The first of our weekly blogs and the first week in January 2014 aaaaaannnd already we have some news.!! We are getting geared up to release the EP on ITunes ( and anywhere else we can get it on )so we can promote the shit out of it at our live shows and get it out to the masses and then start work on the second EP instalment. We already have shows lined up in Newbury, Reading, Salisbury & London, which we have never been to before in this project, as well as a Takeover Radio show for local station Castledown Radio where we will be getting interviews as well as choosing the play list so get tuned in for some pretty varied stuff!!. Rehearsals are proving to be a little award as we used to go to Studio 91 in Newbury but they have started to charge you if you cancel up to 4 days before the booked slot. Not that that's a problem, but just sometimes things happen and we have to cancel but the cancellation fee isn't warranted that far ahead so looking for something a little closer to home. Speaking of home, since the loss of The George Venue last month Andover is without a venue and nowhere for us to play :(. SO our nearest venue is The Music Box in Salisbury Wiltshire, about 25 miles away. Not exactly ideal if you want to enjoy the luxury of a drink but its what we will have to do to keep the shows coming so look out on Facebook, Twitter and here for details about coaches or group convoys we may be able to arrange. In other news.......... Be sure to keep up with @kurbdmusic for our track of the week, this week was Deftones - Knife Party. What will my shitty old Ipod Classic fish us out next week...... who the fuck knows, theirs a lot of random crap on there!. Catch you all next Sunday. Richie, Lee & Dave