Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gig #8) The Joiners, Southampton was Super-Fuckin'-Awesome

It was amazing to be back at The Joiners after so long, and especially because it was our first time there and to add to it supporting our friends SONDURA (@sonduraofficial).

This is the sort of venue that must always survive. It is the reason that bands should want to play the circuit and get within a foot of the crowd and drink with them afterwards. All these bands that think its cool to sit in a backstage area away from the people that make their shows what they are are infact fuckin morons.

These people are your show.. The least you can do is have a drink with them and watch the other bands that are on the bill. Too many bands cant be bothered to even checkout the other bands on the bill. Sickening because they are missing out on new music that could be part of your history.

Once again, the only band to bring just 1 guitar each and the uber-good Orange Tiny Terrors did us well sat with the big Meza's and Marshalls. 15watts of crunch right their.

Hopefully we will get to go back, maybe a little higher up the bill next time :)

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

KURBd - The Cause.... The Defect EP

EP review by

There are some sounds that just worm into your DNA. It can come from your Nan sending you off to sleep with a nursery rhyme or a sound that sound-tracked your musical puberty.
When the guitar stutters, then sets it's phaser to crunching, pulverizing stun with pear drop sweet harmonies in the first few seconds of 'Beware The Silence', the lead-track of the debut EP 'The Cause... The Defect' from KURBd, I am that fledgling long hair, being beautifully brutalised by Alice In Chains at Rock City.
That's not to say that this track is some grunge rehash, rather it takes the touchstones of Alice, Sugar and yes the "N" shaped shadow that all bands since have had to bear, and crushes your head with an incendiary, iridescent blast of groove, grunge and bloody great rock that is utterly here and now. The harmonies and power are as measured and precise as a guided missile to your cortex.

'Wreck' has a darker, menacing hue to it. It pulls you in slowly, then overpowers you with a monolith-sized chorus, then slowly lets you reach out before fully immersing you in its wonderfully warm, delicious, irresistible, carny-esque whirlpool of pleasure. 'Wreck' is a song that Scott Weiland would go sober for. Then to the piledriver of cacophonous, splenetic, beautifully tempered fury that is the EP's final delight, 'Kerosene'.
This is a blast of malevolent marvel that will whip your head back and forth while taking over your limbs to flail around, and wake days later with the bruises of size 9s on your spine as the whole crowd is transformed into a singular stage-diving, crowd-surfing beast. C'mon then KURBd, we want more. Please. (If I didn't say please my Nan would sing to me again!).

Monday, 21 October 2013

Gig #8) 27th October 2013 @ The Joiners SOUTHAMPTON w/ SONDURA

Its all confirmed. We are hitting up the infamous Joiners in Southampton supporting Sondura & These Days Arcane, the first time we've been there in this band and a long time since the last time any of us played there.

Admittedly, we're not exactly like the other bands on the bill but then again we never get on the sort of bills you'd think we would but that's OK - we like being the square peg in a round hole.

Hugely looking forward to playing again as we haven't had a gig since mid-September and that was the low0fi set at the Crispystock Festival and really looking forward to getting on that stage again. I used to go there a lot as a young drummer, that was at the time when bands like Coldplay and the other 90's / 00's esque bands were hitting it up.

Its one of the proper old touring circuits, the sort of place a lot of bands don't seem to feel the need the play. They want to go straight to the big arenas of the 'Astoria" type places. They should be made to play the awesome small venues so they get to really love the big shows!

Saying that, we've played a lot of bigger venues and nothing is a cool as having the crowd right in front of you. More bands should support these venues !


Thursday, 17 October 2013

October 2013 - So Far, So Good....

Well....its been a while since we've posted anything on here, its been a hectic few months with the Crispystock Festival in Andover being the musical highpoint. It was our first attempt at a Low-Fi set with everything broken down and it was amazing, hoping to get a few of the vids people took up onto YOUTUBE soon so be sure to search for KURBd every now and then. The EP, "The Cause...The Defect is still online to be reviewed and abused @ and we are still hoping to get a digital release before the year is out with the possibility of a second EP being recorded in Jan 2014 in what we hope will be a collection of EP's basically making up a 12 track album one day.. its all a work in progress. Show wise, we haven't a lot in the pipeline that is confirmed. Looks like our next gig will be at the infamous Joiners in Southampton on Sunday 27th October '13 supporting SONDURA (@sonduraofficial) and a great new band called 'These Days Arcane'. Its the first time I (Richie) have been back there on stage for about 8 years. I remember in the late 90's / early 00's when if you were anything coming up thru the circuit ranks you would have The Joiners on your tour listings - then again that was when music fans went for the music not because its was cool or fashionable to be seen there. how things change..... Keep up with us daily at @kurbdmusic and we will try to update our blog more and more as things heat up. See ya soooooon :)