Saturday, 10 August 2013

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‘The Cause…The Defect’ is the début EP from Andover based grunge rockers KURBd.
Whilst the record may only be three tracks long the trio (Richie, Lee and Dave) have certainly attempted to pack as much of themselves and their music as they can into their first offering.
It's hard to pin point exactly where the threesome take their influences from, and that may be due in no small part to the fact that they're the only band that comes to mind where all of the members contribute equally to the vocals, giving them a unique sound right from the off.

Opener ‘Beware The Silence’ kicks things off; a song that's a little slow and repetitive without being boring and annoying along with it.
It also highlights straight away why the guys may have opted not to have just the one lead singer as you can quite easily pick out each band members' contribution to the vocals, all different yet all lending something to the overall sound.

The following track ‘Wreck’ starts in much the same vein as the previous track ended until the guitar (Richie) and drums (Dave) really kick in and the band begin to really show what they're made of.
They do this even more so with closer ‘Kerosene’. It is easily the stand out track of the EP with all three sets of vocals blending together really well and the whole feel and sound of the song just sounding a lot more impressive than the previous two.

Despite the reasonably high level of professionalism this EP gives off for a début, the Hampshire based trio did in fact record the entire thing live in the same room, for the princely sum of just £180!
If they can pull of a sound like this on a budget like that, then with the right kind of backing and facilities surely the only is up for KURBd.

Friday, 9 August 2013

At Last.. A Little About Us - ** BIOGRAPHY **


Alternative 3 piece from Andover, Hampshire. Formed early 2012 by 3 disgruntled Dads in their 30's writing & playing music that they like.

Lee Davey - Bass & Vocals.

Dave Allon - Drums & Vocals

Richie Towerton - Guitar & Vocals

Recording History.
A 3 track E.P titled "The Cause...The Defect" with "Beware The Silence", "Wreck" & "Kerosene".

Recorded at Oakcutts studio in Hampshire by Andi Karthauser over 2 days in a LIVE room with vocals for the staggering sum of £180 and mastered by Dan Parkinson.

First Show.
Crispystock Festival 2012 @ The George Venue, Andover.

Contact / Media.

Facebook Search : KURBd

YouTube Search: KURBd