Thursday, 16 May 2013

Feeling The Vibe

It seems that lately we have been well and properly in the zone.

On the back of the last rehearsal at The George and Lee and myself(Richie) going to KOKO, Camden to see the epic My Vitriol last week we have found ourselves even more inspired to write songs together, some of which are moving away from the originally intended style of Alt-Grunge.

Whether it be a conscience thing or just that we are becoming more comfortable with each other since the band was put together the newer songs seem to me to have more depth. The vocals are defining, haunting even in places as the 3 part harmonies hang on a cliff edge over whatever dirt riff or chord progression we have come up with so mush so that I get to into it to much and end up fuckin' my throat up.

Saying that, one of the newer tracks which for now I am calling Stories(Always) starts with a stripped near-on acoustic intro with layered vocal harmonies before the distorted dirtiness kicks in with an almost Dub-Esque 2 chord riff ( no one said I was the most tech player ever lol ) and solid Drum pattern from Dave "One Of Your 5 a DAVE" (Dave Allon) Allon and Lee being a Bass slut.. as always.